Servers / Storage

Is your company starting out, growing quickly, thriving in need of more efficiencies, or ready to expand? Choosing the right server and storage solution to manage data growth can be difficult.

We will help your business select the server, operating system and storage components that result in solid business outcomes including:

  • Flexibility
  • End-to-end systems accuracy
  • Streamlined processes
  • Increased operational efficiency and cost control
  • Revenue growth

We partner with HP because they continue to revolutionize computer technology for storage and server solutions. We have a decade’s old relationship with HP, making us the right choice for a strategic IT partner. Talk to us about the industry-leading HP ProLiant server and HP SAN storage solutions.



The smart solution to power a built-for-business server for your company in a data center environment that will ensure your physical equipment can operate at peak performance.

We remove the hassle and need for resources to deploy, house, and secure your server. You control your server's operating system and applications on it. And, if you need additional support, our certified experts can respond with administration and advanced IT services.


Reduce the number of physical servers a business needs to house, provision, and maintain by using a "virtual server". The result is decreased heat generation, space and energy consumption.

In addition, virtualization significantly increases business agility because it redefines the way data is stored and protected, making data recovery and data expansion faster than ever while increasing data reliability.