Remote Access

Wi-Fi, mobile hot spots, and wireless are all terms we associate with connecting to the Internet without being physically plugged in. Remote access provides for unplugged Internet and computer network connectivity.

Take your technology throughout your building or take it home with secure, remote access solutions for your business.


Wireless Access Connectivity

Lose the cord! Stay connected to your company email, remote network, and cloud services at your location, wherever you are, in real time. A wireless network integrates with the power of the wired network to deliver a truly borderless experience for your employees. It can also be used as a value added service and courtesy to your workplace visitors or patrons. Wireless access points are flexible and scalable, seamlessly integrating with your existing wired network topology to deliver a simple-to-manage end-to-end solution.

Remote Network Access Connectivity

Increase workforce productivity and efficiency by enabling your employees to work away from the office, extending access to corporate information from anywhere when they need it. Microsoft Remote Desktop Service is a secure, remote network access solution, delivered by Infinity Technology at an affordable price.