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We serve SMBs that outsource its IT department, busy IT departments wanting to contract an external partner to manage a portion of a process or function, and small businesses looking for an IT advisor and service provider to help it run a secure, protected, efficient office.  

Is your business looking to reduce costs, increase revenue, improve operational efficiencies, secure its environment, or achieve a specific business outcome? We understand your need is unique.  

Let's talk. We want to learn about your business, its challenges, and areas we can help take the worry out of IT.

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  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery: Significantly reduce RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) & RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) times with both on-premise & cloud based solutions. Changes recovery times from days to hours.

  • Cloud Services: Cloud solutions that are scalable and flexible to meet the demands of SMBs.

  • Email Encryption/Email Data Loss Prevention: Secure communications to meet industry regulations while leveraging the efficiency of email as the form of communication, and are able to establish archiving to prevent loss of those communications.

  • Firewalls/Routers: Networks can be segmented, connected over a WAN, and be integrated with other security services.

  • Infrastructure: Physical, virtual, managed, virtual, flexible & agile, & tied to the cloud.

  • Managed IT Service: Full remote or onsite IT Management with a focus on stability, security, flexibility, redundancy, and availability. This can be leveraged to aid existing IT support people or businesses with no IT support people on staff.

  • Mobility: Mobile first environment dependent on business needs.

  • Operating Systems: Integration support services from mobile to server OS.

  • Power & Cooling Solutions: Tools to build an ideal environment for sensitive electronic equipment.

  • Printing: HP partner providing HP printing innovation that has proven reliability.

  • Remote Access: Get access to any device, any place, any time to the necessary business resources.

  • Security: From perimeter to client, get virus, spyware, and content filtering for outside threats as well as proper internal provisioning for proper access.

  • Servers: Virtual, physical, redundant, & integrated with cloud services.

  • Storing & Securing Data: Local, centralized, redundant, scalable, or cloud.

  • Switches: Managed, power enabled, stackable, chassis, secure, planning for SDN.

  • Virtualization Solutions: VMware or Microsoft based server solutions that can be leveraged for powerful backups & failover.

  • Wireless: Mobile first, controlled, secure, LAN replacement, easy management & onboarding options.

  • Workstations, Laptops, and PCs: Full HP sales & support center for client devices.