Our Data Center

Host with confidence. Infinity maintains a secure and highly-resilient data center providing you with the ultimate in uptime.

A geographically safe-harbor from natural disasters, our data center is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin and staffed by software developers, system administrators, and network engineers.



  • Entrances require badge or security entry
  • Door entrance to data center is separate from building access
  • Limited employee access
  • Customer access to the Data Center accompanied ONLY
  • Separate work area for Data Center customers
  • Building strategically located outside of severe weather and seismic zones
  • Building strategically located in area with quality power - historically not affected from blackouts / brownouts due to weather or elevated power usage
  • Building connected to 3 separate fiber runs
  • 24-hour physical security monitors door positions, and badge access, temperature and  fire/smoke
  • Redundant off-site monitoring of all security systems
  • Critical functions including hardware and Internet connections are locally and remotely monitored with group notification
  • 3rd party security network penetration tests performed regularly


  • Building and Data Center have separate HVAC
  • Data Center has redundant cooling solutions
  • Temperature is monitored 24/7 for consistent 68 degree F conditions
  • Data Center is designed with Hot and Cold rows




  • Building and Data Center are on separate feeds and panels
  • Data Center power supported and filtered by dedicated UPS
  • All data center equipment is connected to UPS for uninterrupted power supply
  • Generator powers Data Center and Building for uninterrupted power and business functions - office space available for offsite location
  • Generator and transfer switch are tested regularly, for added protection
  • Redundant power supplies connected to separate circuits
  • All circuits are monitored for load
  • Critical functions are remotely monitored within data center