Managed IT

A helping hand for your IT operations that frees you to focus on more strategic projects for your business.

We partner with you to keep your critical IT systems available, secure and optimized. You can focus on running your business and your workforce can achieve more with reduced downtime and increased efficiencies.

Whether you have an IT team or you're flying solo, we have managed IT solutions to deliver the right level of technology support.

You get performance consistency, reduced risk, decreased capital costs and increased productivity. 

Contact us to start an IT service management partnership.


Network Systems Peace of Mind

When you subscribe to Managed IT, we proactively manage your daily backups, monitor and update systems for security threats, apply software patches as needed, and manage all of your computers and servers remotely. We spot and fix issues before they can cause a problem.

  • We offer several plans to meet the level of service your organization needs.
  • Our online ticket system enables clients to submit and prioritize service requests.
  • Our customers have access to an emergency response team for critical incidents.

Cost Effective Solution


Predictable Costs

Downtime costs your business time and money! Emergency service calls to unexpected overtime, the fact is uncontrolled costs affect your budget and operations. Prevention and detection are the best defense against downtime.

We save you money. Flat rate IT means predictable budgets and a provider helping you control costs with remote support and onsite support as needed.


Support Levels

Your technician is out sick with the flu and your server goes down- who else knows your network system? Not having IT available when you need it can impact productivity. And face it, people get sick, go on vacation, or even quit jobs.

We remove the risk. We can be a small business IT department or complement IT teams, here to help keep your network environment running smoothly.


Expertise for Less

It’s tough to know it all. New IT architecture, software innovations, and emerging cloud services may quickly create a knowledge gap that can impede opportunities for a competitive business advantage.

We are your IT partner. You get access to a team of technology experts for support and guidance on best IT practices.

System Protection Services

We keep an eye on your network to ensure maximum uptime for your critical equipment and enhance security. We use a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure monitoring dashboard and ticketing system to deliver our managed IT service including:  

  • Over 255 events/services monitored.
  • Critical services automatically restarted.
  • Immediate alerting.
  • Automated trouble-ticket system.
  • Automated escalation process.
  • Integrates with key security and hardware management software.