Virtual Server

Lose the cost of ownership and hardware maintenance and host your applications and data on a virtualized server at our facility.

Our virtual server platform runs on HP servers, is connected to HP SANs and is powered by VMware. The VMware server cluster/multi-SAN setup provides excellent performance and uptime. Your Data Center is maintained by our staff for guaranteed security and support for your business.


Uncompromised Internet Strength

We're not going to let you down, literally. We've designed our facility and service so your virtual server is protected from Internet outages and barriers to business operations.

  • We're an ISP with tons of bandwidth to support your Internet traffic.
  • We have redundant connections: 2 providers/2 routes to keep the communication lines open.
  • We have a generator that will keep our datacenter up until the power comes back on should the electricity fail.
  • You get business continuity peace of mind knowing you can access your server from anywhere.
  • We can increase server capacity as needed, your business will not be stymied by lack of space or resources.

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Inner Circle of IT Experts

With virtual server hosting, you have an IT team looking out for your best interests and standing by to support your operations or provide candid advice on network environment best practices.

  • We have experienced, senior level engineers on staff or on call for any type of emergency, 24x7 or to perform any necessary updates.
  • We understand what's at stake. We monitor our datacenter around the clock and only allow select personnel access.
  • You can trust your data is protected. We ensure your data is backed up at our offsite location.

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